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More Vanasse Questions ?????????????????????
More Vanasse Questions ?????????????????????

In the 1881 census for Ste Anne's Ward in Montreal we have
Joseph Vanasse 24 Quebec
Adele Vanasse 25 Quebec
Emelie 6 Quebec
Flore 4 Quebec 
In the 1860 census for Silver City Nevada
Alexander Vanasse b 1843 in Canada

On October 15 ,1855 Edouard Vanasse married Marguerite Valliere at St Jean Baptiste de Rouville Quebec . Edouard was from St Cesaire and the son of Edouard and Scholastique Jodoin of Sorel . I am looking for the marriage of the last named couple which is not at Sorel .

I am looking for the parents of Carmen Vanasse who married Lionel Girard on September 17 1949 at St Francois Xavier du Saguenay .
Also I need the marriage of Guy Vanasse and Raymonde St Louis about 1960 in Quebec .
Also I need the parents of Bruce Vanasse who married Shelly Ann Sharman in June of 1983 at Ayer's Cliff Quebec .
I am looking for the parents of Raymond Vanasse who was born on June 21 1929 in Providence RI and married Claire Larocque on May 5 1951 at Precious Blood Church in Hyde Park MA . He died on Feb 19 1976 at Rochester NY .
I need the parents of Thomas Joseph Vanasse who married Aline Beaudet on January 19 1914 at Montral Quebec .
I need the marriage od Ambroise Vanasse and
Catherine Menen in the region of Chapeau Quebec . Their children
Felix married Georgette Beda on April 8 1947 at Sacred Heart Chapeau .
Joseph married Elisa Benoit on September 1 1942 at Sacred Heart Chapeau .
I am looking for the marriage of Charles Vanasse and Mathilde Morais . Their son Pierre married Marie Regina Legault in 1932 at Tres Saint Redempteur Hull Quebec .

Clarisse Vanasse married Jean Noel Arcand on August 31 ,1851 at Kemptville Ontario . She was the daughter of Charles Vanasse .
Charles Z Vanasse died in December 1939 in New Orleans Louisiana . I have no idea on this ancestry .
Henry Vanouse died on February 21 1899 . He was from Cleveland ohio and buried in the Dayton National Cemetery , Ohio . He was a private in the US Cavalry .
Joseph Vannasse who belonged to the 11th Wisconsin Infantry Company B during the Civil War , He died on August 7 1865 and is buried in Mobile Alabama .
Some Vanasse marriages : Parents unknown
Evelyn Vanasse and Robert Emerson in Rochester NH on December 12 1945 .
Yvette Vanasse and Albert Perrault in Rochester NH on September 14 1946 .
Vanasse deaths in Rochester NH
Annette Vanasse on March 20 1974
Armand L Vanasse on September 19 1980