On this website I will be dealing with  Vanasse families  and individuals that I cannot trace back to Quebec . In a sense they are orphan  . Some day I hope to be able to close this site down and that will mean that all Vanasse families have been linked back to their families of origin in Quebec .


I would be grateful for any information on the family of Ernest Vanasse and Clara Pahl who lived in Bradenton Florida . He was born in 1918 in Chicopee Mass . He is the son of William Vanasse and Corinne Brancognier in the next item.



In 1920 there is a William Vanasse with his wife Corinne and family . Who is this family  in CHICOPEE MA . They had mostly lived in New York State .



*********************************************                                                                           NEW HAMPSHIRE

The VanNess family of Keene New Hampshire . A probable Vanasse family .
According to the 1900 census Joseph Vanness was born in French Canada in June of 1822 and immigrated to the United States in 1830 .From the Catholic Church records at St Bernard's in Keene , his wife's name was Julia Welch . Even though the 1900 census says they were married for 50 years , Julia immigrated from Ireland in 1852 . In the 1860 census they are already a married couple living in Troy Cheshire County New Hampshire .
Joseph Vanus age 29 born France - (mistake)
Julia age 21born Ireland
Jerry  age 5 born MA
John age 3 born NH
Adeline age 2 born NH
Ellen age 1 month born NH
In 1880 they are at  nearby Keene New Hampshire .
VanAnnis Joseph age 58 born Canada
                Julia age 45 born Ireland
                John age 23 born NH
                Mary age 20 born NH
                Joseph age 17 born NH
                Charles age 13 born NH
                William age 10 born NH
In 1900 they are also at Keene .
Vanness Joseph born June 1822 age 77 , married 50 years born French Canada .
Julia born May 1833 age 67 married 50 years born Ireland . She and Joseph had 8 children .
Joseph born August 1863 age 36 born NH .
Charles born May 1868 age 32 born NH
In the 1920 census for Keene .
Charles is widowed .
Joseph is married .
VanNess Joseph age 56 born NH.
               Nellie age 48 born Ireland.
               Helen age 18 born NH.
               John age 16 born NH.
               Mary age 13 born NH.
Joseph VanNess died in Keene on January 16 ,1904 and is buried at St Joseph's Cemetery . Julia had died before him .His death records fails to mention the name of his parents so I cannot connect him to any Vanasse family line .
In his obituary in the Keene newspaper he was in the Civil War as a member of the 1st New Hampshire Cavalry Company K .
I would appreciate any help with this family .


West Warwick
In the 1930 census :
Vanasse Gustave age 59 born Canada
In the 1920 census :
St Jean Albert age 23 born RI
             Ellen age 20 born MA
             Florence age less tha1 born RI
Vanasse Alexander Father in law
             age 61 born Canada
Unknown Vanasse and Julie Parisien .
Their son Jean Baptiste was born abt 1837 in Edmonton , North West Territory .In 1855 he married Catherine Cardinal ( Antoine and Marie Comtois )in Jasper House , NWT .
Their childern are as follows :
1. Jean Baptiste Vanasse married Amelia Calder ( Peter and Isabelle Lucier ) in 1876 .
2. Philomene Vanasse was born October 1856 in the Rocky Mountains . On April 22 1872 she married Jean Baptiste Dumont ( JB Dumont and Isabelle Gray ) in Fort de la Montagne .
3. Charles Vanasse about 1858 at Edmonton NWT and died in October 1870 on the plains .
4. Julianne Vanasse was born September 9 1860 in Winnipeg and married Louis Roussel in November 1881 in Calgary Alberta .
5. William Vanasse was born in June 1870 near the Saskatchewan River .
6. Marie Catherine was born 1872 in the Fort de la Montagne .
7. Adelaide Vanasse was born abt 1874 in Rocky Mountain House . She married a man named Miquelon .
8. Eleanor was born April 26 1876 in Calgary NWT . She married a man named L'Hirondelle .


In the 1880 census for Hancock , Houghton County on Michigan's upper peninsula  , there is a Vanasse family with Charles and Josephine his wife and a number of children . I would like to know anything of this family as to origin and descendants .



Parish Church of St Guillaume Quebec

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